Live Streaming

I spent 2019 focused on producing Live Streaming content through a partnership with [adult swim].  Much of the year was spent making Desperate Losers, a daily lottery scratch off show out of a Canal st. storefront. I see Live Streaming as one of the huge new media opportunities of the next decade. 



Computer Mountain

Matt Peccini and I have partnered to create a live streaming consultancy called Computer Mountain. We are open for business and this is our reel.

Desperate Losers

[adult swim]

Desperate Losers was my first foray into live streaming. It was a live daily show about scratching lottery tickets. It sounds stupid and it was, but one of the things that I learned about streaming is that a show needs to be about something. And even if that something is stupid, it can still be fun.

Desperate Losers

David Henry Nobody Jr

David is a NYC based performance artist that came on Desperate Losers and built a mask. 

Desperate Losers

Mike Daisey

Mike Daisey is a world renowned monologist. This is what happens when he riffs off a live camera in the M&M store in Times Square NYC. This is definitely not legal.