Live Streaming

Zeldavision is a Live Streaming production company that I started in 2019. Since then we have worked on great projects for companies like [adult swim], Zappos, The Lincoln Project and more. Here are some highlights.    


Green Thumb Industries x Zeldavision


Wowee is a Cannabis Media Channel that partnership between Zeldavision and Green Thumb Industries. 

Lincoln Project


In 2020 Zeldavision created LPTV a live streaming network for the Lincoln Project that began in August of 2020 and it continues to this day. During the period from August to March, we created and launched 4 daily shows that attracted 78 Million views, with an average watch time of 25 minutes.


The Breakdown

This is the breakdown, a 3x per week live streaming show featuring Rick Wilson and Tara Setmeyer. This show is a daily commentary on political news and interviews with people of note (this episode features Kara Swisher & Michael Steel).  


Audience Participation

One of my favorite things about creating a live streaming platform for the Lincoln Project was the ability to cultivate a two way conversation with their amazing community.