Video Projects


I've worked as a producer of TV shows, music videos, commercials, social media and lots of animated weirdness. These are a few of my favorite things.

Comedy Central

Moonwalk 1986

A stop-motion web series about being trapped on the moon with a huge Jerk-face. That's Matt Peccini as the Colonel, my frequent collaborator.

Rage Against the Machine

Beautiful World

I got the call from Rick Rubin to make this video for Rage Against the Machine after writing the liner notes for their Renegades of Funk album. Sadly the band broke up before this ever saw the light of day.

Sundance Channel

Lost with Bob Pilot

A long time before Comedians in Cars getting coffee I pitched an interview show to the Sundance Channel with Bob Balaban, called Lost with Bob. It never got out of the parking lot.

Link to vimeo

Adult Swim

Super Amazing Innovation

This series invited regular people onto a real infomercial set where they were made to endorse crazy fake products, like fart-proof underpants, a in-home pet euthanasia mat and more. It stared the great Randolph Mantooth.


Instants Launch Video

This video was made to explain Ingage Instants, which is a social media video maker.


Time Capsule

I got the opportunity to make fun of some of my favorite movies for AMC, in this promo project called AMC Time Capsule.